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The Spanish word Jornado means "long journey." This approximate 50 to 60 mile stretch was usually devoid of water during the dry season and was considered by those who traveled the region to be traversed without delay. Not only was water a scarce commodity but also the trail markings were invisible with no landmarks to guide the traveler. It was not until the mid-1830s, during an uncommonly wet year, that wagons were to leave their imprints in the form of permanent ruts. It was only then that the trail could be traveled with any degree of certainty.

Run on the Sante Fe Trail!

8 full loops of the course will rack up just over 32.72 miles or around 52.66km. 


Did we say 50 miles? 13 full loops will actually bring you in at just over 53.17 miles.

50 miler

The longest distance in this event, the 100k is, well, not 100km. 16 full loops brings the distance to around 105.31km or around 65.44 miles. 


All of the races will be on a 4.09 mile loop of native grass land, single track trails, and public road.

The Loop

 Are you the type of person always trying to push yourself? Try for the Conestoga Wagon award. This award will be given to the person in each event that carries the most weight for the duration of the event. This weight cannot include water or nutrition. Running with a weight vest, ruck, or extra weights will qualify you. Make sure you weigh in prior to your start time and again when you cross the finish line to make sure you qualify. Any runner found dropping weights during the race will be disqualified from this award. 

The Host

This race is hosted by Crazy Kyle Isaac, a man of many stories. From an extensive background in firefighting and emergency medical services, to an explosive career in professional parkour and freerunning, Crazy Kyle has a love for staying active and pushing the boundaries of the human body.

This event is only made possible by these amazing companies that have helped us in more ways than we can mention.

Event Sponsors

Crazy Kyle Isaac


Race location:

II Ranch

836 300th

Durham, KS 67438

Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or if you would like to help support this event!

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