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For those interested in history or for those interested in ultra running, this is the ultimate destination event! The loop allows runners to run down the actual, visible wagon ruts of the Sante Fe Trail.  

The south loop of 1.82 miles starts though native grassland with a technical dry creek bed crossing at the south end. Runners follow the south fence line to the grass waterway, where they turn and run north to the road. Runners follow the road to the trail-head of the north loop. 


The North loop of 2.27 miles starts through the trees in a single-track trail. The beautiful trail quickly turns more difficult once runners reach a gate into the cattle pasture. Runners begin the most technical segment of the course as they navigate uneven terrain, following close beside the barbwire fence. Runners turn west and soon reach the Santa Fe Trail ruts, about 2.43 miles into the run. Turning north, runners can enjoy the thought of running in the actual ruts caused by hundreds of wagons rolling over the dry grassland. Runners then run west to the road, navigating another technical dry creek bed crossing before reaching the road and running south to the intersection of 300th and Goldenrod before turning east and finishing the final half a mile to the start gate.

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