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Sponsorship Packages

Levels are either reached with money or products donated.

This race will have wide spread local and global reach.

Platinum (>$2000)  5 free entries, 5 free shirts, large logo on shirt and section on website for statement, promotional items and products in race packet, room for a booth at the Race Hub, special shout-out in announcements and special social media posts. 

Gold ($1000-$2000) 3 free entries, 3 free shirts, medium logo on shirt and section on website for a statement, shout-out in announcements, promotional items in race packet.

Silver ($500-$1000) 1 free entry, 1 free shirt, logo on shirt and website, shout-out in announcements

Bronze (<$500)   Name on race shirt and logo on website

Other levels and specific sponsorship packages can be negotiated if your company has other things to donate. an example might be volunteers to crew the race and water stations.

If you are interested in helping us make this event truly special, send us an email at:

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